Freitag   23.01.2009    21 Uhr          Ausstellungseröffnung:   Sandra Leenhouwers  (Tilburg, NL),  Malerei

23 Uhr  Eröffnung unserer Parallel-Ausstellung in der Galerie im Neptunbad  

Musik:   Björn Heuser,  Gitarre      mit Karo Tiemann, Geige

In the paintings of  Sandra Leenhouwers  the female appearance, the representation of women and their body shapes are the central subject. She wants to show the beauty of the female body by commenting the posture and movements of these women. This is visible in the use of shapes, lines and the function of cloth and structures in her work.

By portraying only the body or a detail, the personality of the person is taken away and it becomes a more anonymous and estranged soul. Sandra Leenhouwers displays the silent images of women and their beauty, strength and desires that hide behind a mask of sensitiveness and loneliness.