Freitag   05.06.2009   21 Uhr          Ausstellungseröffnung:   Theo Appel (USA),   Malerei

22.30 Uhr   Eröffnung unserer Parallelausstellung in der Galerie im Neptunbad 

Musik:   Bruno Müller, Gitarre     und „Café du Sport“

What characterises the work of Theo Appel is the original technique he uses and the impression that results. He practices a particular figuration which surprises the spectator: from the miniscule to the very large, from close to distant, his paintings seem to be in relief and “take” life.

Oil paint is used here in small strokes of color, deployed over the whole surface. The repetition of these thousands of tiny brushstrokes, their range of colors and their arrangement on the canvas, gives life to the work through the energy that leaps out, and through the impression of movement.

The thickness, although fine, of these tiny strokes placed side by side, creates three dimensions on the canvas. Theo Appel brings a sculptural reality to images. He seeks to approach reality while showing the enigma of life itself: the power and the vulnerability of being human.